Semi-Permanent Make-Up

Semi-Permanent Make-up


Permanent makeup, formerly known as semi-permanent makeup, by which a coloring pigment is injected under the skin into the upper layers of the epidermis, creating the effect of applied makeup.


The main feature is that the coloring pigment that best suits the skin’s tone is used adding a light makeup effect, so the face looks natural.

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Semi-Permanent Make-up From Beautifox UK

Natural-looking faces have become very popular lately, so women want to look attractive without makeup. That is why permanent makeup is becoming increasingly popular. Semi Permanent makeup products from Beautifox UK will create the effect of perfect makeup and allow you to give your skin a healthy, natural look.

What Semi-Permanent Make-up Products Does Beautifox UK Offer?

[Matrigen] Meso Therapy BB Glow Ampoules – Brightening Control System is the latest development of Korean cosmetology. It concentrates on velvetiness, giving even skin color and removing pigmentation. The effect of foundation for up to 1 year!


Advantages of BB glow treatment


  • No seasonal restrictions.
  • It works like a small SPF and protects against UV light.
  • It reduces the production of melanin and helps to reduce pigmentation.


[XY Professional] Blush Nano Technology Skin Ampoule – Peach & Pink –  is the first nano blush ampoule in the world. It is a new generation of cosmetics driven under the skin during the bb glow procedure. The effect lasts up to a month. In addition to giving color, serum takes care of the skin, nourishing and moisturizing it.


[XY Professional] BB Glow Nano Technology Skin Ampoule – Beige & Nude – is applied to the epidermis – the uppermost layer of the skin, and can last for several months. Immediate results can be seen immediately after the first treatment, but usually, 3 applications are recommended at 10-14 day intervals.

Benefits of Beautifox UK Semi-Permanent Make-up Products 


  • Contributes to skin repair
  • Lightens melasma.
  • Anti-aging. Prevents early signs of aging.  
  • Refines skin tone.
  • Nourish the skin
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals
  • Skin corrector color.
  • ISO 22716 certified (GMP approved)
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