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Our ambition is to create a community for those who are passionate about natural beauty and willing to see all the benefits of using Korean cosmetics in their daily life

Beautifox is a family business that has been created to bring the world of most innovative and professional beauty treatments into the UK market and worldwide.

Being an authorized distributor of premium Japanese and Korean cosmetics, we make sure our clients get the latest trends and the best quality cosmetics to buy.

Our passion to Asian cosmetics has a long history. We decided to create a family business that would combine our love for beauty, our care for health and the inspiring dream to bring value to people.

We care about the quality of beauty treatments the most and there is more than 30 years of experience in the beauty industry behind our shoulders.


Our ambition is to create a community for those who are passionate about natural beauty and willing to see all the benefits of using Korean cosmetics in their daily life. The main difference between Asian and European cosmetics is the amount of natural ingredients – the Korean beauty treatments are much more natural and with no given side effects.

You will see that the majority of High Street Skincare in London and all across the UK, use the same active ingredients as Korean cosmetics. The key difference though is a concentration of those active ingredients. Professional cosmetics, such as Korean skincare you can buy in our online store, give superior results even in small amounts. Here at Beautifox we are continually reviewing and expanding our range. We carefully monitor the results of different Korean skincare products within different groups of people to satisfy the skin needs of all our dearest customers.

We do not sell anything in our shop that wasn’t tested personally by our staff.

Beautifox has a thorough look at every beauty product sourced in Korea making sure it is of the desired quality before you get a chance to buy Korean cosmetics. Therefore, you can be 100% sure that we are a trustworthy company taking personal responsibility for the skincare we offer to every our client.

“All products are original and certified”

Our company stays on track and keeps awareness of new trends and innovations in Beauty and Health industries by visiting exhibitions, fairs, conferences and other related events.

  • Beautifox offers free delivery on orders for £250 and over
  • All products are original and certified
  • Enjoy bonuses and gifts with any £30 spent


We aim to build a long term relationship with our customers putting our heart and soul in what we do, here at Beautifox.


Beautifox is a worldwide covering business. In our team we have a certified Cosmetologist, health professional with 30 years of experience in the field, and a Chemist with a university level degree.

The owners’ expertise combined with their true passion for cosmetics and quality skincare makes Beautifox stand out.

On one hand, we have customer focused highly qualified beauty therapist and medical aesthetician with more than 50 certificates gained in over 30 years of experience in the field. Our professional will help to recognize different skin conditions and advise customers which beauty care products are required, what skincare routine to follow for the best results. There is a consultation available on invasive and non-invasive treatment methods.

On another hand, we have a Chemist, who focuses on inner body of cosmetic products. Therefore, the beauty products and skincare brands that are sourced to be presented at Beautifox, are chosen by thoroughly studying the market, choosing the best cosmetic brands with working formulas.

When a highly experienced aesthetician comes together with a chemist we have the power team in beauty consultancy giving amazing and fastest visible results for everyone.

At Beautifox we don’t just sell cosmetics, we consult and advise our customers which beauty products to choose, in order to get the best results based on the particular skin conditions and needs.

We will keep you updated with the latest anti-aging and rejuvenating innovative skin products and beauty techniques, new ingredients, natural skincare. We offer our world clients the best products available on the market today.

At Beautifox we value the relationship with every customer paying particular attention to the process of getting to know a client, consulting and understanding exactly what one needs.

Our unique approach has proven the best and long lasting results for our clients, making us their favorite company to be.

At Beautifox we value the relationship with every customer, paying particular attention to the process of getting to know a client, consulting and understanding exactly what one needs.

Beautifox has been created to give everyone access to professional products everyday.

We want to create a community of people interested in beauty and the benefits of using a daily, weekly and monthly skin care regimen.

You will find that many “high street” products are using the same active ingredients as the ones we list here but the key difference with professional products is the concentration of these active ingredients leading to superior results with just a small amount of product. As you will understand that different people see differing results from the same products and therefore, we will continue to review and expand our range to try to satisfy as many people in our community as possible.

We are the authorised distributors of Korean and Japanese cosmetic brands and work hard to supply the most innovative products from the top of the beauty industry.

About our products

Our lifestyle can lead to stress and illness through the negative impacts we experience such as continuous mental fatigue. Over time these can turn delicate young skin to dry & sagging with deep lines, uneven tone & dark spots.

With the huge array of skin care products in the market; you may find it difficult to decide which one to try and which will be most beneficial to your skin. In cosmetics, synthesized ingredients are quite common, but may not be the best choice. However, when using cosmetics based on natural ingredients, you are using products that are rich in nutrients, amino acids with organic bio-structure and proteins, qualifying it as “The Real Source of Life”.

Here are some specific benefits of using skin care products based on natural ingredients:

• Hydrates skin and helps to reduce sagging
• Results in smoother, softer and more velvety skin
• Improves skin elasticity, texture and tone
• Enhances the skin’s renewal process
• Reduces and smoothens fine lines & wrinkles
• Lightens pigmentation & clear dark spots
• Helps to treat acne & viral skin infections, due to its anti-viral & antiseptic qualities


Question of Beauty: Mesotherapy or Biorevitalisation?

Feel worried that you skin looks tired and unhealthy? The two quickest and effective solutions to that problem is mesotherapy and biorevitalisation. Products used for these treatments include healing components: vitamins, amino acids, herbal extracts, oligopeptides and plenty of others. These are the so-called “beauty cocktails.” Due to the rich composition of each product, the procedures have a healing effect on the skin, stimulate metabolic processes and allow you to improve various skin defects.

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