Ribeskin is a premium skincare product that promotes healing and rejuvenation of the skin on both the face and body. Developed by JM Biotech, a South Korean manufacturing company, Ribeskin is designed to be used by beauty professionals. In our online store, you can find professional kits for non-invasive CO2 carboxytherapy, including the Carboxy CO2 Combo for facial rejuvenation.

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All Ribeskin products have passed clinical trials and hold European certificates of the CPNP standard. The high efficacy of Ribeskin’s cosmetic products can be attributed to the use of natural ingredients in their composition, which provide an instant result on the skin.

The Ribeskin CO2 carboxytherapy system uses specially designed masks and gel to deliver carbon dioxide to targeted areas for an anti-aging effect. This innovative, needle-free treatment accelerates skin metabolism via the Bohr effect, improving skin elasticity, tone, and pore control while reducing bruises and swelling, and balancing oil and moisture levels.

Ribeskin’s Carboxy Therapy Body helps to redefine body contours by improving skin elasticity and reducing cellulite, using CO2 that is three times higher than the facial and neck sheet. This convenient roll sheet can be customized for each body part.

The advantages of Ribeskin products include clinical studies, high-tech and natural ingredients for guaranteed results, 100% efficacy, international quality certifications, and safe, painless alternatives to invasive procedures that do not cause adverse reactions. Try Ribeskin for healthy, rejuvenated skin today!

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