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BONNY & J Plareceta Collagen Cream (50 ml)


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Silk cream with marine collagen for skin elasticity and lifting / Plareceta Collagen Cream, 50 ml

Cream-silk with marine collagen for elasticity and lifting of the skin of the PlaReceta brand at the cellular level in an accelerated mode corrects age-related changes in the skin, reducing wrinkles, restoring a clear contour of the oval of the face and restoring a fresh, rested appearance. Ideal not only for effectively reducing the signs of age-related skin changes and eliminating signs of fatigue and dehydration, but also for leveling scars on the surface of the skin associated with plastic surgery, aesthetic injection procedures, peelings and laser resurfacing. A natural complex of essential amino acids normalizes the regeneration of epidermal cells, restores skin integrity, and protects against moisture loss. The cream contains copper peptide, which increases the production of “fresh” collagen by 70% within a month and promotes the utilization of old collagen. Returns skin flawless smoothness.

An amino acid complex consisting of 9 nonessential amino acids (lysine, histidine, valine, leucine, isoleucine, threonine, methionine, phenylalanine, arginine) and 8 essential amino acids (glycine, serine, proline, tyrosine, cysteine, alanine, aspartic acid and glutamic acid) performs the role of important structural elements that protect the skin both from environmental irritations and from internal processes of premature aging. Therefore, the main properties of amino acids include the following:

  • perform a protective function;
  • help restore skin condition;
  • normalize moisture levels and promote natural hydration;
  • increase the elasticity of the outer layer of skin;
  • regulate the exfoliation of keratinized epidermal cells;
  • responsible for the normal level of acid-base balance;
  • create a lipid barrier;
  • directly participate in regeneration processes;
  • neutralize free radicals and their harmful effects.

Adenosine – Has the effect of botulinum toxin – it prevents the contraction of micromuscles in the skin, blocking the formation of facial wrinkles.

Collagen hydrolyzate contains many essential amino acids and is hypoallergenic. Increases elasticity, hydration and firmness of the skin, reduces wrinkles.

Hydrolyzed placenta of animal origin – contains epidermal growth factor, fibroblast growth factor, active low-molecular peptides, cytokines, 18 amino acids, vitamins B1, B2, C, D, B3, PP, nucleic acids, minerals and enzymes. Niacinamide (vitamin B3) – vitamin B3 tightens pores, smoothes wrinkles, improves cell regeneration, reduces redness, age spots, and oily shine.

Copper tripeptide-1 – activates collagen synthesis, ensuring its high-quality formation and preserving it from the effects of free radicals.

Fucus vesiculosum extract – fights oily and sagging skin, as well as outbreaks of age-related acne.

Asian centella extract – has powerful anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating effects, especially suitable for those with sensitive, problematic and aging skin.

Blackcap extract – has healing properties.

*The result may vary in each individual (individual) case.


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