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Cordelia™ Aqua MPS – Spicule + PDRN

Cordelia AQUA MPS, as new concept skin care product, is made by skin beauty & science leader, Mac Innovations who has been working with South Korea and Japan’s well-known dermatology plastic surgery team together for high-technology products.

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  • Infiltrates skin with PDRN, stimulates skin growth factor.
  • Generating collagen and elastin.
  • Promote skin cell growth, restore skin wounds.
  • Promote skin regeneration, restore skin elasticity and moisturizing.
  • Wrinkle improvement Whiting.


  • Tightening pores
  • Elimination the old bodily waste
  • Collagen and elastin forming
  • Nutritional supply
  • Restoration wounds and scars
  • Acceleration skin cell growth
  • Whitening skin
  • Improve moisturizing effect
  • Restore skin elasticity

Still using MTS needle ? You need innovation now!

The world first Spicule and PDRN. Permeates skin with PDRN to stimulate skin growth factor.

Well mixed to be free from any rejection between Spicule and PDRN.

  • Step1 : Application on skin
  • Step2 : Spicules stimulate skin cells and generate new cell
  • Step3 : Skin regeneration is performed while elimination spicule
    and old dead skin cell
  • Step4 : Generating new skin cell and collagen

[How to use]

  • 1. Push
  • 2. Put on spuit caps
  • 3. Shake up & down
  • 4. Complete

Step 1 -Thoroughly Clean The face skin
Step 2 -Press on the white tip and inject Spicule
Step 3 -Turn the silver cap, put on the spuitcap, shake up and down to mix Spicule and PDRN essence
Step 4 -Squeeze about 1/3~1 full face use
Use massage for about 3 to 5 minutes

1 Box : 5 ml x 5 Vials
1 Vial : PDRN 5ml+Spicules 0.25g
How to use : 1 vial -1 ~ 3 times in a week
5 vials-5 weeks / 35 days

Apply once every 2~3 days.
Do not use during the day time.
Do not expose under direct sunlight after applying the product.
If the tingling and skin blushing continued, please consult with
the dermatologist.
After use, the remaining liquid should be kept with tightened
white cap and used it within 10 days.
Avoid direct sunlight, keep in a dark and cool place.






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