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Dr.Hedison Clearness Toner 150ml


Dr.Hedisoin Clearness Line which is effective in moisturizing and soothing.

It's good for oily skin.

It cares sebum and pores effectively with many vegetable & natural ingredients.

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Cleansing Toner

Relieve  stress,
Maintain PH balance,
Control sebum on trouble spot.
Portulaca olerecea extract
Witch hazel leaf extract

All Ingredients:

Purified Water,

Ethanol Extract of Pine Bell,

Extract of Butyleneglycolic Acid, S

odium Polyglutamate,

Extract, beta-sodium sodium hyaluronate,

allantoin zinc oxide-60 hydrogeneated castor oil,

glycerin sodium citrate citric acid calcium chloride,

sodium hypodiethiemagnesium aspartate,

zinc gluconate capper gluconate ,

Lithium magnesium sodium silicate caprylic hydroxamic acid caprylic riculolol Rosemary leaf oil


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