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Dr Hedison Dear Homme For Man – All in One (200 ml)


Dr.Hedison Homme All in One is a special 4 in one cosmetics for men who want to use many cosmetics step by step but want a product that can save time. This serum cream has four effects: toner + ampoule concentrate + serum + cream.

Skin Type: Any skin type.
Recommended age: from 18 years old
Volume: 200 ml

Purpose of the product: Anti-aging care , Moisturizing , Regeneration
Type of problem: Dry skin
Manufacturer: Dr. Hedison
Country of manufacture: South Korea


  • has a soothing effect on delicate skin, keeping it clean and healthy
  • regulates excess sebum secretion of male skin, thereby keeping it soft and smooth
  • refreshes the skin and leaves no oiliness or stickiness on the skin
  • protects against the environment and promotes skin health
  • regulates water balance and actively moisturizes
  • provides moisture for rough skin with frequent shaving

Instant soothing effect on the skin reduces irritation after shaving and contains 60% purified water from the Daesan Alaska Glacier. This is a smart product that replenishes long-lasting skin moisture and minimizes the shine of oily skin to balance the balance of sebum and moisture. Glacier water in Alaska is rich in active hydrogen with few impurities, so it has a great calming effect. Minerals and nutrients help protect the skin from external irritants.


  • Apricot kernel oil – prevents skin dryness, tones, restores and fights skin inflammation and fine wrinkles. And also restores elasticity, gives a healthy color. It has a positive effect on peeling and cracks. Protects and protects the skin from chapping.
  • EGF – epidermal growth factor – these are special polypeptides that stimulate skin growth at the cellular level, that is, they regulate cell growth and division. In other words, acting at the cellular level, EGF is able to slow down the aging process of skin cells and give a “second youth”. It is able to enhance the synthesis of collagen, increase the density and elasticity of the skin, remove wrinkles and pigmentation.
  • Tocopheryl acetate – Vitamin E – one of the most powerful antioxidants that prevents premature aging of the skin, softens and soothes the skin, has a pronounced smoothing effect.
  • In addition, more than 10 kinds of natural mixed plant extracts, glacial hydrogen-rich water, copper tripeptide, oligopeptide, help the skin be healthy and elastic.


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