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Dr Hedison Vita White 10 Serum (50 ml)


All products in this line contain niacinamide 2%, also known as vitamin B3, a well-known active ingredient for skin renewal at the cellular level.
Contains lemon and sea buckthorn extract.

Lemon extract is incredibly beneficial for the face, especially for aging skin, has an intense regenerating effect and smoothes out wrinkles. Dries and has a bactericidal effect.
Sea buckthorn extract contains almost a complete set of all known vitamins – vitamin C, vitamins K, vitamins B, vitamin E, carotene, unsaturated fatty acids. Heals, softens and nourishes the skin.

Skin type: combination, oily, dull with pigmentation.
Recommended age: from 20 years
Volume: 50 ml


  • moisturizes
  • evens out the tone
  • improves skin texture
  • saturates with beneficial nutrients and vitamins
  • tones
  • gives a healthy glow
  • improves firmness and elasticity

Main active components:

♦ Niacinamide – water-soluble vitamin B3, improves elasticity, evens out skin tone and texture, stimulates collagen production, and helps fight age spots.

♦ Sea buckthorn is a powerful antioxidant, has a rejuvenating and wound-healing effect, stimulates skin regeneration, soothes irritation, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, which helps in the fight against rosacea and rosacea.

♦ Hyaluronic acid intensively and deeply nourishes epidermal cells with moisture, restores the hydrolipid barrier of the skin. Prevents dehydration, increases skin elasticity and slows down the aging process. Helps maintain normal moisture levels in skin cells.

♦ Hydrolyzed collagen smoothes and evens out the skin, makes it firm and elastic, removes fine wrinkles and refreshes. It has a wound-healing and soothing effect, retains moisture in the deep layers of the skin. Has a regenerating effect.

♦ Allantoin – softens, intensively moisturizes the skin, helps narrow pores and normalize sebum production, has anti-inflammatory properties, soothes irritated skin.

♦ Green tea is a powerful antioxidant. It neutralizes the negative effects of free radicals, slows down cell oxidation and prevents early skin aging.

♦ Baobab extract – activates hydration processes and helps retain moisture in the deep layers of the epidermis, preventing dehydration, making the skin firm and elastic. Protects the skin from the aggressive effects of external factors and UV radiation, protects the skin from premature aging, preventing the formation of wrinkles.

♦ Lemon cleanses, refreshes and tones the skin, enriches it with vitamin C, charges it with energy and vitality, eliminates excess moisture and oiliness.

Method of use:

After using the toner, apply a small amount of serum evenly to the skin of the face, let it absorb well. Pay attention to dry areas of the skin. The product is recommended to be used in the morning and evening.


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