Kissum+ Plus Lip Tint BB Glow Lips (6 vials X 10 ml)


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Kissum Lip Tint Lip Serum gives your lips a natural glowing color that appears through the mouth and has the effect of “kissed lips”. It can be applied until completely filled, as when using regular lipstick. The tool is light, absolutely not felt, made part of the lips. The composition of the serum includes hyaluronic acid, it effectively moisturizes the lips, gives them a visible volume.

The renewed formula allows you to mix tints creating new exciting colours!

The shade is considered a harmless version of the tattoo: it stays on the surface for 6 to 12 months, does not smear, does not get dirty, does not remain on clothing. It is used by a special apparatus for fractional mesotherapy, an absolutely painless procedure.

The kit includes: 4 colors (red, pink, orange, red wine) bottles with peeling and finish.

You can achieve lasting results after 3 or 4 sessions. A break between procedures of at least 2 weeks. Consumption for 1 session – 1 ml.

Manufacturer: Korea. The size of the bottle is 10 ml.


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