Lactic acid bacteria-produced extract Alvex



Known as a lactic acid bacteria supplement chosen by doctors.

It is rich in nutrients for growing lactic acid bacteria derived from organic pesticides.

Oral bacteria that are resident in one person are around 10 billion to 1 trillion. The intestinal bacteria amount to about 100 trillion and are said to weigh 1.5-2 kg.

It is here that Albex may have good effects on both oral and intestinal flora.

There is also data that reduces the number of pathogenic bacteria in cavities and bad bacteria in periodontal disease.

It is believed that the intestinal flora is rich in variation and large in amount.

The lactic acid bacterium-produced extract is expected to effectively increase the number of intestinal bacteria by providing nutrients beneficial to each individual lactic acid bacterium, rather than trying to settle a specific strain in the intestine.

It is expected to have the effects of intestinal activity, beautiful skin, improvement of immunity, promotion of bone formation, and preparation of oral bacterial flora.


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