Rejubella – PDO dermal filler – PDO 150 mg + CMC 150 mg


A polymer filler made by a new form of PDO whose stability has been confirmed for 100 years
PDO dermal filler Rejubella aims to promote collagen production and maintain volume.
Rejubella improves the fundamental deficiency of volume by collagen restoration.

•Premium PDO powder filler
•Patented PDO polymer microsphere manufacturing technology
•Safe & Biodegradable
•Continuous self-collagen production

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Hyaluronic acid polymer gel made from a new form of PDO that has been proven stable for 100 years Rejubella PDO dermal filler aims to stimulate collagen production and maintain volume. Rejubella addresses fundamental volume deficits by restoring collagen.

• Premium grade PDO powder filler
• Patented technology for the production of PDO polymeric microspheres
• Safe and biodegradable
• Continuous production of own collagen

Uniform size product Microsphere PDO particles PDO microsphere Features – smooth spherical and even particle surface

• Specification: PDO (polydioxanone) 150 mg + CMC 150 mg.

• Cannula size : 26G

• Size : 10-60㎛

• HYALURON handle, pressure 6.5 bar.

• Capacity: 300mg/vial

• Type: Powder (mix with saline or sterile water 5 ml), use two hours after mixing. Suitable for use up to 24 hours, store in the refrigerator

• Stability (fewer side effects), ease of use

Detailed procedure
Pour 5 ml of sterile water (saline) into 1 vial through a syringe with a sterilized needle.

Shake after adding water and use after two hours.

It can be used all over the face and once opened it can be used all over for 24 hours.

Volume of infusion
Can be used in 6 areas with 1ml

Depth of infusion
between epidermis and dermis

1 bottle after addition of saline or sterile water with a total volume of 5 ml




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