[Sungshim] Sterile Needles – 30G, 4mm

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KOREA SUNGSHIM Authentic from Korea

Sterile Single Use 30g 4mm Micro Needles x100pcs

SUNGSHIM Dermal Injection Needle in 30G x 4mm, with thin wall.

30g 4mm needles is a complete range of sharp needles for the injection of dermal fillers for mesotherapy and wrinkle treatment.


The Benefits of Using Single-Use Needles

Reusing single-use devices can create serious infections such as risk of:

  • Cross-contamination and infection arising from a device which has not been designed to be cleaned.
  • Endotoxin reactions from excess bacterial breakdown which is not removal by cleaning.
  • Patient injury caused by dematerialisation of the device, due to sharp edges that have become dulled or fine tubes that become blocked.
  • Chemical burns due to a reaction of chemicals with the device during reprocessing.



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