What are Polynucleotides and How do they Stop Skin Aging

What are Polynucleotides and How do they Stop Skin Aging

Modern aesthetic medicine, and especially it’s field of anti-ageing products, is rapidly progressing: experts are constantly working on creating new, even more advanced formulas – each more effective and safer than the last. And it’s no wonder since one of the most common reasons for patients to go to beauty clinics is the appearance of signs of skin aging.

Most of beauticians successfully apply time-tested popular techniques in their practice. For example, biorevitalization (administration of drugs based on high molecular weight hyaluronic acid), biostimulation (procedure for rejuvenation and skin restoration with preparations based on fragmented hyaluronic acid and amino acids), chemical peels, plasmolifting, botulinum therapy and many others – all of them, with the right approach and competent integrated application, give excellent results.

Among them, another technique proudly takes its place – bioreparation, a skin restoration method using polynucleotide-based products. This is an injection technique, the active component of which is biopolymers (PDRN), obtained from salmon milk. The choice of this particular raw material is due to the fact that functionally significant indicators of the DNA structure of the milk of fish in the salmon family and human leukocyte DNA are very close.

Polynucleotides (PDRN)

Polynucleotides (PDRN) have become a real sensation in the world of cosmetology. Polynucleotides are precisely those “bricks” that restore the structure of the skin from the inside, increasing the production of collagen.

Nowadays, completely new and unique technologies have appeared that are designed to combat the causes of aging!

PDRN is a “prodrug” that supplies cells with a sufficient amount of mitogenic deoxyribonucleotides, deoxyribonucleosides and nitrogen bases.

Benefits of this type of medication

The action of PDRN on the skin:

stimulate repair processes
accelerate skin re-epithelization and scarring
provide fast and harmonious formation of granulation tissue in the wound area
increase the metabolic activity of cells
stimulate angiogenesis (restore microcirculation in tissues)
enhance the moisturizing effect of hyaluronic acid
reduce the level of pro-inflammatory cytokine TNF-a (decrease in inflammatory manifestations of acne)
are highly effective traps of free radicals (protect from damage by metabolites, xenobiotics, temperature factors, etc.)
protect against UVB radiation and prevent the development of pigmentations

PDR Security

In its structure, PDRN is a fragment of a DNA molecule, a unique polymer molecule with multifaceted positive properties that affect cellular processes in the human body and homeostasis with no toxicity and contraindications. Scientists have shown that low molecular weight DNA with a molecular mass of not higher than 500 kDa does not carry genetic information. It is known that such low molecular weight DNA cannot cause genetic transformation even in bacterial systems. There are no allergic or other negative reactions and serious unwanted side effects.


At the stage of preclinical studies, the possibility of using the DNA-RNA complex in aesthetic medicine and its “in vitro” activity in a test system, which was a human epidermal cell culture, were studied. The complex significantly affects the metabolism of cells, increasing the rate of synthesis of intracellular proteins and DNA by 1.5-2.5 times, while the pronounced effect depends on the concentration of the complex. It was proved that the revealed stimulation effect extends through the immunocompetent epidermal cells to the whole immune system of the body as a whole, that is, the state of the immune system of the whole organism is normalized.

Our Home Care Products

New Generation Polynucleotide Based Products

• recovery after traumatic procedures (laser resurfacing);
• moisturizing the skin of the neck, faces, rear of the hand and décolleté
• elimination of wrinkles;
• increase the hydration and elasticity of the skin;
• giving the skin a radiance.

Injection level: intradermal, the possibility of bruising is small.
Packing: volume 3 ml. This is enough for the face, neck, décolleté and hands.

The innovative TwAc formula is based on hyaluronic acid and polynucleotides. Polynucleotides or
PDRN for short are tiny fragments of DNA of the highest degree of purification. Polynucleotides are a
“prodrug” that supplies cells with a sufficient amount of mitogenic deoxyribonucleotides,
deoxyribonucleosides and nitrogenous bases.

The combined effect of these components leads to a number of effects:
• stimulate repair and renewal processes;
• accelerate skin re-epithelization;
• provide fast and harmonious formation of granulation tissue in the region
• provide fast and harmonious formation of granulation tissue in the wound area (rapid wound
• increase the metabolic activity of cells;
• stimulate angiogenesis (improved blood supply to tissues);
• enhance the moisturizing effect of the hyaluronic acid included in the preparation;
• reduce the level of pro-inflammatory cytokine TNF-a;
• are highly effective traps of free radicals that “devour” healthy cells.

The mechanism of action of drugs with PDRN

Due to the high concentration of PDRN and the high viscosity of hyaluronic acid when exposed, we obtain a long and powerful modulating effect on skin cells. Long polymer chains of Polynucleotides provide the ability to bind water molecules, while enhancing overall hydration. There is also an increase in the growth and division of skin cells (including fibroblasts), which has a powerful effect of self-rejuvenation. As a result, active tissue regeneration occurs. With the combined action of the active components of the TwAc product line, the production of growth factors increases, collagen synthesis is stimulated, and DNA repair is activated. All skin layers are renewed and damaged tissues are restored, age-related changes are prevented and treated, complexion improves, turgor and elasticity increase, skin tone is restored, wrinkles of small and medium depth are corrected.

Before the biorevitalization procedure, anesthesia is performed by applying a cream. Biorevitalization is carried out by individual courses.

The rehabilitation period and side effects

After injection, slight swelling and redness of the skin may occur. These side effects are local in nature and pass on their own after a few hours.

Result. Biorevitalization increases elasticity, density, turgor of the skin, saturates it with life-giving moisture, improves structure and color. After a course of procedures, the relief is leveled, small wrinkles are smoothed out, and deep ones become less distinct, and the oval of the face is tightened.

These drugs are highly effective in eliminating most of the signs of skin aging. After a course of procedures, you will have a significant increase in skin elasticity, elasticity and tone, its visible restoration, regeneration of damaged tissues, a bright lifting effect, equalization of tone and relief, a decrease in the level of pigmentation and inflammation. These effects occur almost immediately after the procedure, and with an integrated approach, they remain for a fairly long time.

How do we get such results?

Humidification: Polynucleotides increase the production of hyaluronic acid, they easily bind to water molecules, and also have hydrating properties.

Increasing elasticity and resilience is achieved by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

Antioxidant effect: Polynucleotides are able to adsorb and neutralize free radicals.

Restorative effect: due to the stimulation of the processes of regeneration and repair of skin cells. Polynucleotides activate the receptors responsible for the formation of new blood vessels, improve the environment for the restoration of damaged tissues, which contributes to natural regeneration.

Pigmentation control: by reducing the synthesis of melanin in cells.

Among the other effects, a significant immunomodulating effect, maintaining homeostasis (selfregulation) of the human skin system, and protection from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Due to all these properties, Polynucleotides can be successfully used in the correction of such aesthetic problems as sagging and sagging skin, wrinkles, unwanted pigmentation. However, their main and most striking effect is anti-aging. Using only PDRN-based products, you can simultaneously solve a whole range of aesthetic problems

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