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[DEBEAUS] Intensive Compact BB Cushion SPF50+ / PA+++ 15g


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Medical Intensive BB Cushion Cream by DEBEAUS with a replaceable unit 

Tone #23

Sun protection SPF 50, PA +++ (South Korea)

NEW CONCEPT OF CUSHION, in contact with the skin, like air! It is more than just a cushion.

Silk lightest texture, corresponds to the index of skin bending, does not clog pores, absorbs excess sebum, reduces oily skin, makes the coating very natural without a mask effect, and has excellent tinting and protective properties. Correction of dark circles under the eyes.

The composition of therapeutic cushion: peptides, 2% stem cells, 2% phytocell, Brightening complex (patent application), patented Green plant complex, Niacinamide, Adenosine, EGF (epidermal growth factor).

Cushion is a powder compact with a sponge, impregnated with the VS-fluid, and a dry sponge, with which it is applied to the skin. Having once experienced the miraculous possibilities of Debeaus liquid powder, it will be impossible to return to the use of creams of a different quality.

CREAM-CUSHION by Debeaus is a cosmetic product of a new generation, which consists of peptides and plant extracts. The cream has a light tone basis and almost weightless texture, intensively moisturizes, soothes and protects sensitive skin from external adverse factors, neutralizing free radicals. Helps smoothen wrinkles, improve skin elasticity and firmness.

Perfectly hides skin imperfections and corrects its color, giving a natural glow. Has double protection against ultraviolet radiation SPF 50+ PA +++.


– Does not roll down;

– not sticky;

– does not overdry skin;

– suitable even for sensitive skin;

– retains moisture in the skin for a long period;

– enhances the internal resources of the skin;

– increases skin elasticity;

– increases the production of collagen and elastin;

– makes your skin fresh and radiant!


Copper -1 tripeptide contains copper peptides, accelerates regeneration, suppresses inflammatory processes, strengthens blood vessels, protects the skin from photo-aging, improves skin elasticity, helps retain moisture in the deeper layers of the skin, and has antimicrobial properties.

Betaine is effective for preventing skin aging and pigmentation, actively moisturizes, relieves irritation, has a superficial effect on the skin, improving its appearance.

Ceramide 3 is the most important ingredient in the skin, which contains keratin and plays a significant role in the formation of the skin’s natural lipid protective barrier. This storehouse of valuable regenerating components for sensitive skin, revives its natural protection and structure.


Peptide growth factors:

1. Niacinamide (B3). Lightening ingredient against age spots, slows the migration of melanin. Ideal for aging skin, increases the amount of ceramides in the skin, restores the broken skin barrier and reduces moisture loss. Reduces traces of hyperpigmentation after prolonged inflammation and stay on the sun. Evens out skin tone, reduces redness and traces of post-acne.

2. Adenosine

– actively influences the production of collagen and elastin in the cells of the epidermis;

– reduces the number of wrinkles, reduces their depth;

– levels a skin relief;

– reduces the rate of development of age processes;

– protects cells from oxidation;

– has anti-inflammatory effect;

– provokes the production of procollagen 1 (a substance that affects turgor and density of the skin).

3. EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor – Epidermal Growth Factor) gently cares for the skin, speeds up metabolic processes, regenerates and rejuvenates, maintains youth and toned skin. Deeply moisturizes the skin, promotes rapid healing, removes scars, smoothes wrinkles on the forehead, in the lips, vertical and horizontal wrinkles of the neck, tightens pores, fights pigmentation and whitens the skin.

4. FGF (fibroblast growth factor) enhances the skeleton of the skin and makes it elastic.

5. IGF (insulin-like factor) improves the natural functioning of the skin.

6. Green plant complex (antioxidant, anti-aging effect): Broccoli extract, cactus extract, luffa extract, pine extract, wormwood extract, kiwi extract, Japanese apricot extract, olive extract, green tea extract.

7. Lightening complex (increases skin radiance): Extract of Matsutake mushrooms, extract of lotus flowers, extract of fruit of cleared willow tear, extract of May lily of the valley, extract of young cabbage, potato extract, extract of lanceolate leaf codonopsis, ginseng.



1. Carefully remove the protective film from the mirror inside the case.

2. Next, remove the factory sticker from the sponge.

3. Pressing the sponge onto the sponge, squeeze out the required amount of fluid and evenly distribute the face with the sponge. For a tighter coat, apply fluid with your fingertips without using a sponge.


After fully using the fluid, the replacement unit can be easily replaced.

1. Open the cushion cover.

2. Gently push the back of the case in the center of the case forward to remove the empty unit.

3. Insert the new replacement unit.


Production of South Korea



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